L & M Heavenly Creations


What a awesome experience.  We have been working on this site to get the word out about my wonderful wife’s creations.  Mary has been working diligently making some really nice items.  you can view them by clicking here.   She has so many ideas and all are wonderful.  We are excited to roll these new items out for your viewing pleasure.

The funny thing is, she never knew she had this talent.  Mary has always had an eye for good fashion sense and color schemes.  Starting out with this venture she proved this very point.  We hope you like what Mary has created.

We also opened a store on Amazon with these products.  This allows you to purchase through Amazon if you do not feel comfortable in purchasing directly with us here.  We want to share what Mary has made and want to offer the easiest and most convenient purchasing methods to you.  Direct buyers will be able to avail discounted pricing and FREE SHIPPING!  Not having to pay any commissions, we pass along the savings directly to you.

Please drop by the Shop and feel free to look around.  See something you like contact us or click on the description and go directly to Amazon for more information and purchasing options.

May you have a blessed day!



We Are Open


After some hours of setting up infrastructures all over the web, we are glad to say we are open.  Although we are not fully functional as of yet, the major work is done.  It felt like just as much effort went into this as a brick and mortar store.

In the days ahead we will be tweaking things trying to make it as good as an experience for whoever drops by.  The Gallery is up with several pieces that Mary has finished.  Mary has more that we will be uploading soon but we wanted to start getting our name out there.

There will be a link for an Amazon store I am currently working on that will have these items for sale as well.  If you feel safer buying through Amazon by all means please do.  We will be selling items directly via PayPal through this site.  Direct buyers will can avail about a 15% discount going this route, basically less the fees from the other web site.

So, we are glad to see you are here and keep coming back.  If you have any comments please feel free to drop us a line on the Contact page.  Say hello or tell us what you might be looking for and Mary might be able to create something for you.

All the BEST!