Welcome to Louis and Mary’s Heavenly Creations.  We are pleased that you dropped by.  We look forward in meeting and making new friends.  Mary is the talent that is behind the fashion accessory creations.  I am blessed beyond imagination to be sharing this venture together.  Please look around in the Shop at what Mary is doing and feel free to drop a line, we would love to hear from you.


As Mary creates more designs,we will be uploading them up as soon as  we can.  We have opened a store on Amazon named L M Heavenly Creations as our website is named.  By clicking on the descriptions of the items found on the Shop page you will be directed to the item on our Amazon store.  Above the item name you will find our name, L M Heavenly Creation.  Click that and you will be able to see our entire inventory.  Feel free to purchase securely from our Amazon store.

If you find something interesting, we have several ways to you can purchase Mary’s fashion accessories here.  If you purchase directly from here you will avail of our discount pricing.  You may do so by going to the Contact page and reaching out to us.  If you have any questions or have any ideas about custom made orders we would love to talk to you about your ideas.